In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, SOS has made the decision to temporarily close our doors. However, our team has adapted to the ever-changing situation and is now offering a creative and simple solution for overcoming physical distancing. We are proud to launch our virtual physiotherapy with all our clinicians to help our community stay strong through remote video assessments and follow-up appointments.

At SOS we pride ourselves in our expertise in exercise prescription, patient education and our ability to analyze movement. All of which are accessible though video consultations. You can expect to receive the same exceptional care through our Virtual Sessions as you would at any of our SOS clinics.

What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

Virtual Physiotherapy is an online appointment with your Physiotherapist to ensure that you are able to receive the highest possible quality of care from a remote location. Virtual Physiotherapy can be accessed via your smartphone or computer, which will allow you to perform your treatments from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Physiotherapy


Step 1: Schedule your first appointments

Make an appointment by calling any of our SOS locations. Feeling unsure about Virtual Physiotherapy? No problem. Book one of our free 15 minute Virtual Physiotherapy consults. During this free consult we can answer any questions you may have and explain how Virutal Physiotherapy can help

Step 2: Welcome email sent

Check your inbox! You will receive a personal email from your Physiotherapist containing the date of your initial assessment. We will also provide you with our online intake and consent forms.

Step 3: Initial Virtual Physiotherapy assessment

This assessment will be taken with the same detail as you would expect from SOS. We will ask questions to help us identify the source of your pain. As well as a movement assessment to identify your most painful positions which will allow us to develop a personalized treatment program.

Step 4: Plan of Care

Upon completion of your assessment, your Physiotherapist will email you a plan of care outlining at-home treatments to decrease your pain and help you meet your goals.

Step 5: Follow Up

Your Physiotherapist will help you schedule follow up appointments to ensure you are meeting your goals! During these guided therapy sessions they will also progress your exercises and provide you with at-home self mobilizations.


Jonathon Clay
BHSc(PT), BASc(Kin), FCAMPT (owner)
Andrew Woelk
BHSc(PT), CAFCI, FCAMPT, GunnIMS (owner)
Adam Dafoe
BA(Kin), MSc(PT), CsCs, FCAMPT
Melissa Norris
BSc(Kin), MSc(PT), CIDN
Stephen Hogan
BSc(Kin), MSc(PT), CIDN

Christine Ecclestone
BSc(Kin), MSc(PT), CSCS
Ryan Wark
Jessica Clancy
MSc. PT, BSc. Kin

Courtney Voisin
MPT, BSc. Kin


How long is a Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment?

An assessment can take 45-60 minutes depending on the injury.

What does a Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment entail?

◘ Full Subjective History
◘ Modified Objective Exam
◘ Instruction on Self Treatment
◘ Education on Specific Exercises (emailed through our Physiotec Portal)
◘ Modification of Activity
◘ Complete Plan of Care outlining goals and ongoing treatment

How long is a follow-up Virtual Physiotherapy treatment?

Follow up sessions are 30 minutes.

What happens during a follow-up Virtual Physiotherapy session?

◘ Screen of current symptoms
◘ Modification of treatment and exercises as necessary
◘ Instruction on progression of exercises and introduction to functional activities as tolerated
◘ Ongoing Evaluation of goals 

Does insurance cover Virtual Physiotherapy?

Yes! Virtual Physiotherapy is covered under extended health benefits. However, you may wish to contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage details.

What do I Need for my Virtual Physiotherapy Session?

All you need is a device with an internet connection and a camera. I.e. Tablets, Smart-phone, laptop/computer or similar device

How do I Prepare For My Virtual Physiotherapy Session?

All you need to do is set up your device in an area with good lighting and with some space to move around. Its like facetime for Physio!. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely as you would if you were visiting the clinic

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