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It is frequently not an injury from golfing but from other activities that get in the way of your golf swing. These injuries do more than cause pain. They affect your performance and enjoyment. Golf specific training and education is provided to every patient that requests it. FITforeGOLF™ offers one to one sessions with your physiotherapist that is skilled in anatomy and biomechanics of the body as well as the basics of the golf swing and how they relate.

Do you want to:

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Address your swing posture
  • Strengthen your “Golf Muscles” to hit it further
  • Help prevent injury by avoiding basic swing flaws
  • Learn an efficient warm up for your pre-round routine

Book an appointment with your physiotherapist at either our Belmont (519-743-4355) or Elmira (519-669-1212) location and GET BACK INTO THE GAME!

Injuries and Your Golf Game

The Causes. The Fixes.

Shoulder Impingement


Posture at address (rounded shoulders & mid-back)

Stiff mid-back, rounded throughout swing

Swing plane too steep/vertical

Over rotated take-away or follow through


Stretches and postural correction (shoulder blade position)

Treatment of stiff segments in thoracic spine (foam roll)

Shortening of take-away or follow through, depending on injured shoulder

Knee Arthritis & Medial Knee Pain


Improper footwork throughout swing

Reverse Pivot (incorrect weight transfer that leaves the weight on the trail side)

Incomplete finish leaving knee in torqued position

Tight lower extremity (hips, hamstrings, calf muscles)

‘Aggressive’ spikes


Full finish drill

Stretching & manual therapy

Swing tip: look for the bottom of trail shoe to fully face away from target at finish

Neck Pain & Stiffness


Posture at address

Stiff mid-back and cervical spine

Swing plane too steep/vertical


Stretches and postural correction (slight chin tuck), treatment of stiff segments (foam roll)

Flatten swing plane

Shortening of backswing or follow through depending on restriction

Golfer / Tennis Elbow


Early club head take-away

‘Casting’ of the club when starting down to ball

Improper contact

Overactive wrist flexion / extension rather than pronation / supination


Take-away drill

Rest, massage forearm, stretching, ice, bracing

Pronation / supination exercise & specific strengthening depending on pathology

Low Back Injuries


Posture at address

Stiff mid back and lower extremities

Reverse Pivot (incorrect weight transfer that leaves the weight on the trail side)

Swing plane too steep/vertical

”Reverse C” position at finish (e.g. Seve Ballesteros)


Stretches & postural correction (straighten spine angle)

Weight transfer and finish position drills

“Baseball” drill to flatten swing plan

If some of these injuries are affecting your game, or if you are just looking for some exercises and basic swing tips to help you function on the golf course, Contact Us today at Kitchener, Waterloo & Elmira, ON Centers and ask about Fit Fore Golf!

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