Andrew Unrau Woelk


Andrew is a registered physiotherapist having received his physiotherapy degree from McMaster University and his BA from the University of Waterloo. He has also continued his extensive post-graduate courses with a focus on manual therapy and acupuncture. Thirteen years ago Andrew started his rehabilitative career working with persons with acquired brain injuries and is currently a part owner of SOS Belmont. He enjoys rehabilitation of persons with acute and chronic conditions with a strong interest in rehabilitation of persons with spinal dysfunctions.

Between studies Andrew took a year to volunteer in South America to help care for street children in Asuncion, Paraguay. Besides studies he has also helped teach clinical skills to physiotherapy students at McMaster University. Andrew enjoys most sports, but has a keen interest in hockey, soccer, and mountain biking. Outside of his work he is kept busy being a proud father of anĀ 14 year old girl and two boys agesĀ 8 and 11.