Piroska Szabo

May2nd 2019

“ I have been coming regularly for treatments for my neck, back and feet for the past 6 years. Due to my work where I sit for prolonged periods of time, I experienced chronic neck, shoulder & back tension, muscle aches & restriction of movement and chronic inflammation in the joints. SOS Physiotherapy treatments made a marked difference in my range of motion and gave me much appreciated relief from pain. I received a combination of manual manipulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and IFC. I have seen a lot of improvements regarding my muscle tension and, thanks to the treatment I had received, I did not need to have sick days off work and my quality of life improved. My …..? I also would like to comment on the care, professionalisms and … that the SOS Physiotherapists provided, mainly Jonathan Clay. He provided excellent care… & referred me to Kim Rau & Associates for better Orthotics.”

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