Patricia Baron

Patricia Baron May2nd 2019

“I came to SOS on February 4th after a trip to the ER and being diagnosed with a severe case of Vertigo that was preventing me from walking. I couldn’t do anything without help – wasn’t able to walk – read – cook or even take a shower by myself. My world for two weeks was like being on a roller coaster the whole day, vomiting and feeling horrible. Adam took me in and explained to me the maneuver that he was going to try on me, he also discussed in detail how I was going to feel and what will happen the following days. After that appointment my life changed – the very following day I was able to walk by myself. Yeah!!!!! My horrible night vertigo episodes went away, I was able to sleep w/o the fear of Vertigo. My life changed. I am back to work and very thankful for SOS Physiotherapy and Adam, that helped me and walked me to the path of recovery! There are many words I can use – but I think “Thank you all” is what is coming from my heart :)”

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