John Scace May2nd 2019

John Scace

“I was referred by my family physician to SOS Physiotherapy because I was experiencing pain in both shoulders from a condition called Supraspinatus Tendinosis. It was painful to raise my arm above my shoulders, they ached constantly & I had limited strength in my arms. I was rarely out of pain. It was difficult to

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Ruja Luncan

May2nd 2019

“I had back pain & leg pain, worse with standing at work. I have been doing my exercises daily, sometimes 2x/day and feeling better. I can stand at work better with less pain!”

Eda Chapman

May2nd 2019

“Adam is a fine gentleman, who worked on my feet that were tender when I walked. I feel 100% now without treatments. It is a relief to know he will always be there for me as I age.”

Patricia Baron May2nd 2019

Patricia Baron

I came to SOS on February 4th after a trip to the ER and being diagnosed with a severe case of Vertigo that was preventing me from walking. I couldn't do anything without help - wasn't able to walk - read - cook or even take a shower by myself. Adam took me in and explained to me the maneuver that he was going to try on me, he also discussed in detail how I was going to feel and what will happen the following days. After that appointment my life changed - the very following day I was able to walk by myself.

Ted Goddard

May2nd 2019

“Reverse Shoulder Replacement – With Physiotherapy, I got function that I had not had for over a decade. Top notch Physiotherapy was the key. Dave Rocks!!”

Marlene Dunham May2nd 2019

Marlene Dunham

A few years ago, I suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. Both before + after this surgery, I was treated by Jon at SOS Physiotherapy, with amazing results. The usual rehab time for this surgery is six months. However, after TWO months, I was well on my way to attaining full strength + movement in this area.

Cathy Withers May2nd 2019

Cathy Withers

“I started attending SOS Physiotherapy following a severe bout of pain in both of my lower buttocks and severe pain in both of my hamstring muscles. My Physiotherapist Jon assessed me thoroughly and explained exactly what was wrong (It was coming from my back!). I have been to many health providers over the years and

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Linda Horn

May2nd 2019

For at least two years I was having trouble in my hip area. After about 4 months of treatment and prescribed exercises (stretching) program I have gone from a high pain level of 10 down to 1. I am so pleased with the relief I feel and the ability to move without pain.


May2nd 2019

I sought out Physiotherapy to relieve chronic spine and joint pain and have noticed considerate improvement in motion and decreased pain in my hips and legs.

Paul Cloes

May2nd 2019

“4 years ago I had low back pain.. A coworker recommended SOS Physiotherapy and Jon. After meeting with Jon and telling him my story, he got right to work. He treated my problem and showed me strengthening exercises to work it. He started me on 3 appointments a week with various methods of treating, including

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