Brit Carey May2nd 2019

Brit Carey

I’ve had chronic back pain for several years, and have broken my elbow and ankle in the last 10 years. My time in Physio has brought me tons of functional independence, strength, and has helped me get back on my feet numerous times. I have even gained relief from symptoms of Benign Positional Vertigo through Physiotherapy treatments. Being able to receive the rehabilitation I have has greatly improved the quality of my life.

Debra Handler May2nd 2019

Debra Handler

“ I injured my back lifting my dog into the car, and suddenly I was taken down with Sciatica. I had never had it before, and I had never had a problem like this where painkillers did not help. I couldn’t walk upright without extreme pain and I was in a really bad state. Andrew

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Kathy Tyler May2nd 2019

Kathy Tyler

“I have been coming to this clinic for a long time with treatment from Jon Clay. Initially I injured myself at a weight class which caused numerous problems with my lower back. Jon was always very professional, taught me exercises and encouraged me along the way as this has not always been easy. He also

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Michael Mohr May2nd 2019

Michael Mohr

“Whether aged induced or minor injuries caused by falls, Physiotherapy has been recommended by my Physician on numerous occasions over many years. The staff of SOS Physiotherapy always managed to provide appropriate solutions in a professional manner. I am currently undergoing care due to lower back issues caused by Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica. Jon has

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Doug Boughner

May2nd 2019

During the past 30 years I have experienced chronic problems with my lower back. Years of sitting behind a desk and questionable choices in landscaping projects have caused periodic issues with my spine. Weekly visits brought the pain level down drastically and allowed me to resume exercises and sports that I enjoyed.

Ashley Cudney May2nd 2019

Ashley Cudney

“I have been seeing Jon for a little over three years. When I first came to see Jon I had very limited mobility and range of motion in my back that affected my job and day to day activities. After coming to see Jon twice a week and then down to once a week, I

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John Tibbits

May2nd 2019

I have had a number of sports related injuries including a groin injury, an inflamed vertebrae in my neck, and tennis elbow. My experience at SOS has always been extremely positive. The staff are both professional and caring. They spend the time necessary to get you ready to either compete again or just live life.

Olga Dendy

May2nd 2019

“ I first limped into this clinic in 2018, with what I learned was Right knee Baker’s Cyst. As an active senior, life as I knew it came to a sudden halt. Following some extensive Physiotherapy with Jon Clay, my life returned to as I knew it previously. I recently had an injury to my

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Piroska Szabo

May2nd 2019

I have been coming regularly for treatments for my neck, back and feet for the past 6 years. Due to my work where I sit for prolonged periods of time, I experienced chronic neck, shoulder & back tension, muscle aches & restriction of movement and chronic inflammation in the joints. SOS Physiotherapy treatments made a marked difference in my range of motion and gave me much appreciated relief from pain. I received a combination of manual manipulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and IFC.

Annette Allen

May2nd 2019

I came in after an injury from cross country for my knee. I had trouble running long distances and playing soccer. I also had pain doing daily activities. Now I'm playing soccer multiple times a week and doing normal activities with no pain after many Physiotherapy appointments and doing my exercises.

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