Heather Buerkle

May2nd 2019

I have gone to Andrew for a variety of other (mostly shoulder) related injuries. Every time I receive the same excellent level of care, and understanding of my injury and a great treatment plan.

Shantell Powell May2nd 2019

Shantell Powell

When I first showed up, I had chronic pain in my SI joint, regular seizing through my opposite hip, and diminished strength and range of motion. After a few months of work, the pain is no longer chronic, my range of motion has improved dramatically, and I'm strong again.

Brenda Hoyt

May2nd 2019

Sought Physio for painful right shoulder. Melissa, SOS Physiotherapist, very thorough + knowledgeable. She provided clear understanding of physical problems with shoulder joint + effect of each treatment + exercises to improve these joints. Rx improved mobility + painful shoulder. Personal + knowledgeable care and treatment. Year later I have returned to have painful left shoulder resolved.

Darlene Hawkins May2nd 2019

Darlene Hawkins

I started coming to SOS approximately 1 year ago after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knee & hip. Coco has helped me develop stretches and exercises to keep me mobile while awaiting surgery. She has also helped with pain control. Coco’s upbeat personality and professionalism has kept me coming back! SOS staff have all been friendly, pleasant and accommodating.

Duane Gingrich May2nd 2019

Duane Gingrich

“Had bad knee movement, did therapy twice a week for 3 weeks, things kept getting better as well as knee movement, sitting, squatting etc… Started to do therapy once a week. Would rate this place 11 out of 10. Friendly staff and well experienced skills.”

Kelly Burnett May2nd 2019

Kelly Burnett

“My Journey began back in August of 2018 with Coco. I had a full knee replacement after a 7 year journey wearing an offloading brace. I was bone on bone, there is a 1-2% chance things don’t go perfect and i was one of them. After a couple of months of physio 3xweek, i needed

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Marion Johnston

May2nd 2019

I was introduced to SOS through one of their Saturday Workshop meetings. I was suffering with pinched nerves in my hip/back area. Because of arthritis I am nervous of manipulations. Steve was fabulous. The dry needles were so helpful.

Patricia Baron May2nd 2019

Patricia Gascho

I had a terrible fall and fractured my L wrist and broke and dislocated my R shoulder. Adam was extremely helpful in guiding me through my physio program.

Ian Robertson

May2nd 2019

“My job which I have been doing for over 30 years require that I sit at a desk and work on my computer each day. Approximately 6 years ago I began to experience pain while sitting in my legs and buttocks. During the course of this time, I received treatment from other healthcare professionals with

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Frank Simpson May2nd 2019

Frank Simpson

“I had an issue with Sciatica and Physio was recommended. Andrew did an assessment and schooled me in how a problem in one area can cause issues elsewhere due to our body’s composition. This made it easier for me to understand why a variety of exercises was called for. Over a period of a few

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