Linda Horn

May2nd 2019

“For at least two years I was having trouble in my hip area. My doctor recommended increasing Chiropractic and Massage Therapy and still my pain continued. It would hurt a great deal getting up from a sitting position or walking up stairs. Finally my doctor gave a diagnostic of Trochanteric Bursitis and recommended Physiotherapy. That is when I found Jon at SOS Physiotherapy through a friend who had been treated here with success. After about 4 months of treatment and prescribed exercises (stretching) program I have gone from a high pain level of 10 down to 1. I am so pleased with the relief I feel and the ability to move without pain. I have learned a lot about how various exercises, standing + walking strengthen the core to keep my body healthy and have incorporated this learning as a daily morning practice. At SOS you learn to take your “therapy” home with you. I appreciate the caring, support, time spent at each appointment, with Jon and his sense of humor that fills the treatment room. Thank you for the relief!”

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