Leona Stumpf

Jan10th 2020

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for several years. It has stopped me from doing the simplest things, like going for a walk and enjoying activities with my family. With this back problem, I have periods where I feel good and then the pain and limited mobility come back. After a while, this roller coaster ride gets to you. I guess it’s the nature of a chronic back problem.

I was having trouble walking and getting out of bed. I dreaded days when it would rain, as my back would act up. It’s funny, I always thought that was an old wives tale! I was feeling sorry for myself and a little grumpy! Then, Jon, my SOS Physiotherapist, told me about laser therapy. How could 7-10 minutes of laser therapy help improve my symptoms? I mean you lay there and Kelsie does the treatment.

It’s just a warm feeling on your back. I will admit I was skeptical until I had the first treatment. From that very first treatment, I had less pain and more mobility. Now, after a few treatments, I’m enjoying brisk walks with my husband, pushing my granddaughter up hills in her stroller and no pain or stiffness when it rains. Laser Therapy has been a game-changer for me! To me, physiotherapy and laser therapy are like pie and ice cream. They make you feel so good!!

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