Dawn Murray

May2nd 2019

“SOS Physiotherapy has provided significant healing and support for me during 3 episodes of physical challenge. Most recently, I returned to the SOS Clinic in December 2009 following several years of unique and puzzling foot and leg symptoms that had significantly compromised my quality of daily living. The experienced Physiotherapists are well-trained, with additional courses and qualifications that enable them to provide new, current therapies that bring relief and healing to many. Their assessment is thorough and my treatments were highly effective! The Physiotherapists listen well in order to diagnose each problem and apply their experience and knowledge base to develop an individualized treatment plan. They are patient, hard-working professionals who desire healing and wholeness for each client. I maintain the stretching and strengthening regimen because I benefit greatly from this daily discipline. SOS Physiotherapy clinic brought me healing and hope! Many days I am symptom-free and once again experiencing a quality and pace of daily living that I had begun to think I would never regain. SOS Physiotherapy is a tremendous blessing in my life. It is an honour to recommend their clinic and care to others.”

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