David Winkler

Jan10th 2020

I have seen my physiotherapist Dave Slover for multiple reasons over the past twenty years. The most significant was for my right shoulder. In 2005 I fell while ski racing and tore my rotator cuff. The damage was significant enough to require shoulder surgery. Post-surgical shoulder treatment protocols last for 6 months until the tissues had recovered, then continued on my own at the gym and did very well and returning to full activities with skiing, baseball, golf & horseshoes…

Until 2018 when I fell off my bike and suffered a “massive tear” of the rotator cuff of the same shoulder after a fall on concrete. I had a second major surgery, due to more damage this time it takes a little longer to recover but I fully intend to get back to gardening this fall, then skiing this winter and some other new activities to try having just retired. I Want to thank Dave for returning me to health once again. SOS Physiotherapy should be your first choice for most of our weekend warrior injuries.

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