Category: Sports Injuries

Jan10th 2020

David Winkler

I have seen my physiotherapist Dave Slover for multiple reasons over the past twenty years. I Want to thank Dave for returning me to health once again. SOS Physiotherapy should be your first choice for most of our weekend warrior injuries.

Susan McKinnon

May2nd 2019

I arrived with 4 month old shoulder injury. My range of motion was limited and I was experiencing pain in my neck and forearm as well. The injury was the result of a fall from a horse while galloping. After months of physio I am now having full range of motion, decreased pain and greatly improved muscle strength.

John Tibbits

May2nd 2019

I have had a number of sports related injuries including a groin injury, an inflamed vertebrae in my neck, and tennis elbow. My experience at SOS has always been extremely positive. The staff are both professional and caring. They spend the time necessary to get you ready to either compete again or just live life.

Annette Allen

May2nd 2019

I came in after an injury from cross country for my knee. I had trouble running long distances and playing soccer. I also had pain doing daily activities. Now I'm playing soccer multiple times a week and doing normal activities with no pain after many Physiotherapy appointments and doing my exercises.

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