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Jan10th 2020

Marguerite Gingrich

This is my second time at SOS with a shoulder issue. In both cases, I had pain and lack of movement. After progressing through different treatments and exercises I have no pain and good range of motion. The atmosphere at the clinic is very relaxed and The SOS Team is so friendly. All in all, I have had a great experience at SOS and would highly recommend it.

Jan10th 2020

David Winkler

I have seen my physiotherapist Dave Slover for multiple reasons over the past twenty years. I Want to thank Dave for returning me to health once again. SOS Physiotherapy should be your first choice for most of our weekend warrior injuries.

Sue Plouffe May2nd 2019

Sue Plouffe

Before I came to physiotherapy I had long term shoulder pain i had learned to live with that got much worse, so I barely had any shoulder movement. Christine was very friendly and thoroough and I left better after the first treatment.

Carter Leis May2nd 2019

Carter Leis

I'm a furniture delivery guy and had been dealing with shoulder issues for about a year before coming to SOS. After a couple months, at physio (longer than it should have been because I didn't always do my exercises… oops) I’ve got my full range of motion and strength back.

Susan McKinnon

May2nd 2019

I arrived with 4 month old shoulder injury. My range of motion was limited and I was experiencing pain in my neck and forearm as well. The injury was the result of a fall from a horse while galloping. After months of physio I am now having full range of motion, decreased pain and greatly improved muscle strength.

Heather Buerkle

May2nd 2019

I have gone to Andrew for a variety of other (mostly shoulder) related injuries. Every time I receive the same excellent level of care, and understanding of my injury and a great treatment plan.

Brenda Hoyt

May2nd 2019

Sought Physio for painful right shoulder. Melissa, SOS Physiotherapist, very thorough + knowledgeable. She provided clear understanding of physical problems with shoulder joint + effect of each treatment + exercises to improve these joints. Rx improved mobility + painful shoulder. Personal + knowledgeable care and treatment. Year later I have returned to have painful left shoulder resolved.

Patricia Baron May2nd 2019

Patricia Gascho

I had a terrible fall and fractured my L wrist and broke and dislocated my R shoulder. Adam was extremely helpful in guiding me through my physio program.

Marlene Dunham May2nd 2019

Marlene Dunham

A few years ago, I suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. Both before + after this surgery, I was treated by Jon at SOS Physiotherapy, with amazing results. The usual rehab time for this surgery is six months. However, after TWO months, I was well on my way to attaining full strength + movement in this area.

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