Category: Post-Surgical

Jan10th 2020

David Winkler

I have seen my physiotherapist Dave Slover for multiple reasons over the past twenty years. I Want to thank Dave for returning me to health once again. SOS Physiotherapy should be your first choice for most of our weekend warrior injuries.

Marlene Dunham May2nd 2019

Marlene Dunham

A few years ago, I suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. Both before + after this surgery, I was treated by Jon at SOS Physiotherapy, with amazing results. The usual rehab time for this surgery is six months. However, after TWO months, I was well on my way to attaining full strength + movement in this area.


May2nd 2019

I sought out Physiotherapy to relieve chronic spine and joint pain and have noticed considerate improvement in motion and decreased pain in my hips and legs.

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