Category: Hip/Knee

Jane Rushby

May2nd 2019

Just After Christmas my right knee became very sore. Walking, sleeping and climbing stairs were all very difficult. After 4 weeks, I went to my family doctor and she recommended physiotherapy. Ten weeks later my knee is fine and I have been given an exercise program to continue at home.

Shantell Powell May2nd 2019

Shantell Powell

When I first showed up, I had chronic pain in my SI joint, regular seizing through my opposite hip, and diminished strength and range of motion. After a few months of work, the pain is no longer chronic, my range of motion has improved dramatically, and I'm strong again.

Darlene Hawkins May2nd 2019

Darlene Hawkins

I started coming to SOS approximately 1 year ago after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knee & hip. Coco has helped me develop stretches and exercises to keep me mobile while awaiting surgery. She has also helped with pain control. Coco’s upbeat personality and professionalism has kept me coming back! SOS staff have all been friendly, pleasant and accommodating.

Marion Johnston

May2nd 2019

I was introduced to SOS through one of their Saturday Workshop meetings. I was suffering with pinched nerves in my hip/back area. Because of arthritis I am nervous of manipulations. Steve was fabulous. The dry needles were so helpful.

Julia Sullivan May2nd 2019

Julia Sullivan

As a competitive Irish Dancer, training 6 days a week, my Physiotherapist Andrew Woelk has been a major part of my preparation for the World Championships. Due to my dancing, I have had pain in my feet and hips when dancing and walking. Andrew has been an amazing help working with me to manage the pain so I can continue to train. By showing me useful stretches, doing ultrasounds and needling, I have been able to perform at my fullest potential.

Karen Smart

May2nd 2019

Over a year ago, I started having pain in my hip and groin to the point I was having problems walking. Adam has been able to decrease my pain and increase my mobility. He suggested a hip brace to help me through the day as well as stretches and exercises. Before Adam, I was not able to walk distances without having to stop. Sometimes, with such awful pain I was not able to finish what I was doing and often ended up limping. Now I have more good days than bad, not limping as often, increase in range of motion, and I am able to get up on my parents roof to shovel snow!

Linda Horn

May2nd 2019

For at least two years I was having trouble in my hip area. After about 4 months of treatment and prescribed exercises (stretching) program I have gone from a high pain level of 10 down to 1. I am so pleased with the relief I feel and the ability to move without pain.


May2nd 2019

I sought out Physiotherapy to relieve chronic spine and joint pain and have noticed considerate improvement in motion and decreased pain in my hips and legs.

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