Category: Foot/Ankle

Julia Sullivan May2nd 2019

Julia Sullivan

As a competitive Irish Dancer, training 6 days a week, my Physiotherapist Andrew Woelk has been a major part of my preparation for the World Championships. Due to my dancing, I have had pain in my feet and hips when dancing and walking. Andrew has been an amazing help working with me to manage the pain so I can continue to train. By showing me useful stretches, doing ultrasounds and needling, I have been able to perform at my fullest potential.

Dawn Murray

May2nd 2019

SOS Physiotherapy has provided significant healing and support for me during 3 episodes of physical challenge. Most recently, I returned to the SOS Clinic in December 2009 following several years of unique and puzzling foot and leg symptoms that had significantly compromised my quality of daily living. SOS Physiotherapy clinic brought me healing and hope! Many days I am symptom-free and once again experiencing a quality and pace of daily living that I had begun to think I would never regain.

Brit Carey May2nd 2019

Brit Carey

I’ve had chronic back pain for several years, and have broken my elbow and ankle in the last 10 years. My time in Physio has brought me tons of functional independence, strength, and has helped me get back on my feet numerous times. I have even gained relief from symptoms of Benign Positional Vertigo through Physiotherapy treatments. Being able to receive the rehabilitation I have has greatly improved the quality of my life.

Piroska Szabo

May2nd 2019

I have been coming regularly for treatments for my neck, back and feet for the past 6 years. Due to my work where I sit for prolonged periods of time, I experienced chronic neck, shoulder & back tension, muscle aches & restriction of movement and chronic inflammation in the joints. SOS Physiotherapy treatments made a marked difference in my range of motion and gave me much appreciated relief from pain. I received a combination of manual manipulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and IFC.

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