Patient Testimonials

  • This is my second time at SOS with a shoulder issue. In both cases, I had pain and lack of movement. After progressing through different treatments and exercises I have no pain and good range of motion. The atmosphere at the clinic is very relaxed and The SOS Team is so friendly. All in all, I have had a great experience at SOS and would highly recommend it.

    - Marguerite Gingrich
  • I have seen my physiotherapist Dave Slover for multiple reasons over the past twenty years. The most significant was for my right shoulder. In 2005 I fell while ski racing and tore my rotator cuff. The damage was significant enough to require shoulder surgery. Post-surgical shoulder treatment protocols last for 6 months until the tissues had recovered, then continued on my own at the gym and did very well and returning to full activities with skiing, baseball, golf & horseshoes…

    Until 2018 when I fell off my bike and suffered a “massive tear” of the rotator cuff of the same shoulder after a fall on concrete. I had a second major surgery, due to more damage this time it takes a little longer to recover but I fully intend to get back to gardening this fall, then skiing this winter and some other new activities to try having just retired. I Want to thank Dave for returning me to health once again. SOS Physiotherapy should be your first choice for most of our weekend warrior injuries.

    - David Winkler
  • I have been suffering from chronic back pain for several years. It has stopped me from doing the simplest things, like going for a walk and enjoying activities with my family. With this back problem, I have periods where I feel good and then the pain and limited mobility come back. After a while, this roller coaster ride gets to you. I guess it's the nature of a chronic back problem.

    I was having trouble walking and getting out of bed. I dreaded days when it would rain, as my back would act up. It’s funny, I always thought that was an old wives tale! I was feeling sorry for myself and a little grumpy! Then, Jon, my SOS Physiotherapist, told me about laser therapy. How could 7-10 minutes of laser therapy help improve my symptoms? I mean you lay there and Kelsie does the treatment.

    It’s just a warm feeling on your back. I will admit I was skeptical until I had the first treatment. From that very first treatment, I had less pain and more mobility. Now, after a few treatments, I’m enjoying brisk walks with my husband, pushing my granddaughter up hills in her stroller and no pain or stiffness when it rains. Laser Therapy has been a game-changer for me! To me, physiotherapy and laser therapy are like pie and ice cream. They make you feel so good!!

    - Leona Stumpf
  • Sue Plouffe

    “Before I came to physiotherapy I had long term shoulder pain i had learned to live with that got much worse, so I barely had any shoulder movement. Christine was very friendly and thoroough and I left better after the first treatment. I like the use of hands on treatment as well as being given exercises to do at home. I have a lot more mobilitiy and the pain has decreased so I can do activities I hadn't done without pain in literally years. I have referred a few people to both SOS and Christine!”

    - Sue Plouffe
  • “Before I came to physiotherapy here, I had concussion symptoms. Every time I would play I would feel dizzy, lightheaded, disoriented, and had horrible headaches. Sometimes even, when I would stand up too fast I would feel dizzy, and almost black out. I started coming to physiotherapy and immediately things got better. We worked to loosen my neck, and retrainmy eyes. Since doing physio, I have had no problems playing, and no more headaches.”

    - Brylie Wynes
  • “Just After Christmas my right knee became very sore. Walking, sleeping and climbing stairs were all very difficult. After 4 weeks, I went to my family doctor and she recommended physiotherapy. Ten weeks later my knee is fine and I have been given an exercise program to continue at home. This was my first experience with physiotherapyand if the need arises I certainly would not hesitate to do it again.”

    - Jane Rushby
  • Scott Thomas

    “A little over a month ago on recommendation from my wife and daughter i came to SOS with extreme knee pain. I could hardly walk. Never having experienced anything like this before i didn't know what to expect. Within a short time, a lot of treatments, and exercise, coco and carmen had me mobile again with no pain. (carmen is a co-op student who did a great job). I cannot thank them enough! Coco and is fantastic. She treats you like a friend, not just a patient. Her knowledge is second to none. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. I would recommend SOS to anyone!”

    - Scott Thomas
  • Carter Leis

    “I'm a furniture delivery guy and had been dealing with shoulder issues for about a year before coming to SOS. After a couple months, at physio (longer than it should have been because I didn't always do my exercises… oops) I’ve got my full range of motion and strength back. Thanks Christine!”

    - Carter Leis
  • “Thanks to Melissa.. I arrived with 4 month old shoulder injury. My range of motion was limited and I was experiencing pain in my neck and forearm as well. The injury was the result of a fall from a horse while galloping. After months of physio I am now having full range of motion, decreased pain and greatly improved muscle strength. In the beginning I even had difficulty lifting a coffee mug. Today I am basically back to normal and continue to work on strengthening my muscles.”

    - Susan McKinnon
  • Bob Burns

    “When I first met with Adam I had trouble with my right ankle and right knee which i had replaced in 2010. It was discovered that my right leg was shorter. So when adjustments were made to my orthotics it made a big difference. Treatments with adam and exercises he gave me have made me a better walker. Thanks Adam.”

    - Bob Burns
  • “Andrew started treating me 9-10 years ago or so after I had been seeing a chiropractor who was treating symptoms but not root cause. At that point I was having painful muscle spasms in my shoulder once or twice a month. Andrew helped me understand the root problem and assigned me exercises to help. I now have that problem once every 1-2 years which is so much better. Since that original issue I have gone to Andrew for a variety of other (mostly shoulder) related injuries. Every time I receive the same excellent level of care, and understanding of my injury and a great treatment plan. My friend who recommended andrew to me told me that he is “magic”. I couldn't agree more! He's a super awesome physiotherapist who really knows his craft well!”

    - Heather Buerkle
  • Shantell Powell

    “When I first showed up, I had chronic pain in my SI joint, regular seizing through my opposite hip, and diminished strength and range of motion. Adam helped loosen those areas up through manipulations and prescribed exercises which I practiced diligently. After a few months of work, the pain is no longer chronic, my range of motion has improved dramatically, and I'm strong again. Thank you so much for your hard work, knowledge, and kindness! I'm now back to martial arts, aerial silks, dance, strength training and more.”

    - Shantell Powell
  • “Sought Physio for painful right shoulder. Melissa, SOS Physiotherapist, very thorough + knowledgeable. She provided clear understanding of physical problems with shoulder joint + effect of each treatment + exercises to improve these joints. Rx improved mobility + painful shoulder. Personal + knowledgeable care and treatment. Year later I have returned to have painful left shoulder resolved.”

    - Brenda Hoyt
  • Darlene Hawkins

    “I started coming to SOS approximately 1 year ago after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knee & hip. Coco has helped me develop stretches and exercises to keep me mobile while awaiting surgery. She has also helped with pain control. Coco’s upbeat personality and professionalism has kept me coming back! SOS staff have all been friendly, pleasant and accommodating.”

    - Darlene Hawkins
  • Duane Gingrich

    “Had bad knee movement, did therapy twice a week for 3 weeks, things kept getting better as well as knee movement, sitting, squatting etc… Started to do therapy once a week. Would rate this place 11 out of 10. Friendly staff and well experienced skills.”

    - Duane Gingrich
  • Kelly Burnett

    “My Journey began back in August of 2018 with Coco. I had a full knee replacement after a 7 year journey wearing an offloading brace. I was bone on bone, there is a 1-2% chance things don't go perfect and i was one of them. After a couple of months of physio 3xweek, i needed to return to London for a manipulation as scar tissue had formed and making all efforts in physio obsolete. After the manipulation in Nov 2018, I returned to physio 3x week and with the excellent help of Coco and sometimes melissa, I’m happy to say that my life is somewhat back to normal. I get to return to my job may 6th and I honestly could not have done it without the excellent care and motivation I received from Coco + the staff at SOS.”

    - Kelly Burnett
  • “I was introduced to SOS through one of their Saturday Workshop meetings. I was suffering with pinched nerves in my hip/back area. Because of arthritis I am nervous of manipulations. Steve was fabulous. The dry needles were so helpful and Steve biweekly at first worked on regions. I progressed to once a week. At 73 muscles lose strength quickly. I am now due back in 3 weeks. Just strengthening left. See it through to the end. Fabulous group!”

    - Marion Johnston
  • Patricia Baron

    “I had a terrible fall and fractured my L wrist and broke and dislocated my R shoulder. Adam was extremely helpful in guiding me through my physio program over many weeks. He has terrific listening skills, a very cheerful attitude and caring personality. He was very professional and provided me with the information/exercises I needed as ai progressed to recovery. Shortly, I will be able to get back to my life I pickleball, cycling, programming, golf, etc. I certainly wish to thank Adam for working with me through this very difficult time.”

    - Patricia Gascho
  • “My job which I have been doing for over 30 years require that I sit at a desk and work on my computer each day. Approximately 6 years ago I began to experience pain while sitting in my legs and buttocks. During the course of this time, I received treatment from other healthcare professionals with very limited success and improvement. When I first came to the Belmont Clinic the range of motion in my lower body was minimal. Since receiving adjustments and treatments the pain has been reduced significantly with range of motion also vastly improved. I can now sit for a few hours at a time comfortably. The exercises prescribed for me which I do twice daily has also benefited me greatly!”

    - Ian Robertson
  • Frank Simpson

    “I had an issue with Sciatica and Physio was recommended. Andrew did an assessment and schooled me in how a problem in one area can cause issues elsewhere due to our body's composition. This made it easier for me to understand why a variety of exercises was called for. Over a period of a few weeks I felt improvement in my walking and the increased flexibility. As a result, I am very pleased with the direction of Andrew in improving my well being.”

    - Frank Simpson
  • “When I first came to SOS Physiotherapy, I could barely walk. I had done something to my back, but had no idea what. I could not straighten up or walk more than a few paces without extreme pain. I needed to get relief, and quickly! My session with Andrew provided me with the relief I needed and put me on the path to recovery. Andrew was very professional, always explained what he was doing and helped me better understand what was going on with my recovery. After a series of treatments and recommended exercises I am able to do the things I was doing before my injury.”

    - Richard Hanek
  • “Andrew + SOS is the best! I had considerable pain in my knees, which meant a (terrible) reduction in range of activities I love - Gym, Walking, etc... Andrew with great competence + expertise analyzed the cause(s), explained things in understandable terms, and got me well again. Actually, he helped me with preventable exercises as well. Well worth the time and expense. Thanks!”

    - Bill Webb
  • “Myself and my family have been to SOS a number of times over the years for various ailments, and have always received great treatment. Recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen who did a great job explaining the issues, and efficiently and effectively got me back to where I needed to be. All staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend this clinic.”

    - Amy McLaren
  • “Thank you Adam! The persistent pain in my lower back has disappeared + the knee is working much better. I will be happy to continue the exercises you have given me. They do help me keep going.”

    - M.M. Horman
  • “At present, I feel very happy the way things are going with Coco. Lately I've been doing 15 exercises with the green band. I needed to go slowly to increase the numbers as my arms, neck muscles needed to get used to it. And I find it hard to engage the core so long. But I feel it's going okay. I often find the stretches relaxing after a day's work. I assure you that if I need more help I will not hesitate to return. I feel very thankful for the help Coco gave me thus far. Thank you again!”

    - Louisa Bowman
  • Julia Sullivan

    “As a competitive Irish Dancer, training 6 days a week, my Physiotherapist Andrew Woelk has been a major part of my preparation for the World Championships. Due to my dancing, I have had pain in my feet and hips when dancing and walking. Andrew has been an amazing help working with me to manage the pain so I can continue to train. By showing me useful stretches, doing ultrasounds and needling, I have been able to perform at my fullest potential. I always feel welcome and in good hands at SOS Physiotherapy. Thanks so much for your continuous work to help me achieve my goals!”

    - Julia Sullivan
  • “SOS Physiotherapy has provided significant healing and support for me during 3 episodes of physical challenge. Most recently, I returned to the SOS Clinic in December 2009 following several years of unique and puzzling foot and leg symptoms that had significantly compromised my quality of daily living. The experienced Physiotherapists are well-trained, with additional courses and qualifications that enable them to provide new, current therapies that bring relief and healing to many. Their assessment is thorough and my treatments were highly effective! The Physiotherapists listen well in order to diagnose each problem and apply their experience and knowledge base to develop an individualized treatment plan. They are patient, hard-working professionals who desire healing and wholeness for each client. I maintain the stretching and strengthening regimen because I benefit greatly from this daily discipline. SOS Physiotherapy clinic brought me healing and hope! Many days I am symptom-free and once again experiencing a quality and pace of daily living that I had begun to think I would never regain. SOS Physiotherapy is a tremendous blessing in my life. It is an honour to recommend their clinic and care to others.”

    - Dawn Murray
  • “When you find yourself using both hands pulling on the rail to get up a flight of stairs it is time to become proactive. My knees were not going to cure themselves! Enter Andrew Woelk, my Physiotherapist. He said from the get go that he would have me back on the squash court. Last November, I put on my two unloader and have played three games a week ever since. It's all good. The added bonus is that I am also back ballroom dancing. They haven't scouted me for “Dancing with the Stars”; however, 360 pivots on one foot are doable and pain free. Take care of yourself.”

    - Dawna Durst
  • Randy McCall

    “Couldn't get in or out of the car, out of bed by myself, had to take pain pills, couldn't do any exercises.. Jon + SOS Physio have been above what was expected. Jon done a ….. job including acupuncture, adjustments, exercise prescription. Thanks SOS and Jon for relieving me.”

    - Randy McCall
  • “Was referred to SOS from my Doctor. I was fortunate to get Adam. Over a year ago, I started having pain in my hip and groin to the point I was having problems walking. Adam has been able to decrease my pain and increase my mobility. He suggested a hip brace to help me through the day as well as stretches and exercises. Before Adam, I was not able to walk distances without having to stop. Sometimes, with such awful pain I was not able to finish what I was doing and often ended up limping. Now I have more good days than bad, not limping as often, increase in range of motion, and I am able to get up on my parents roof to shovel snow! Thanks so much!”

    - Karen Smart
  • Brit Carey

    “I’ve had chronic back pain for several years, and have broken my elbow and ankle in the last 10 years. My time in Physio has brought me tons of functional independence, strength, and has helped me get back on my feet numerous times. I have even gained relief from symptoms of Benign Positional Vertigo through Physiotherapy treatments. Being able to receive the rehabilitation I have has greatly improved the quality of my life. It's taken a lot of work - but Im worth the effort. Thank you SOS, especially Andrew for your guidance, support and encouragement. It means the world to me!”

    - Brit Carey
  • Debra Handler

    “ I injured my back lifting my dog into the car, and suddenly I was taken down with Sciatica. I had never had it before, and I had never had a problem like this where painkillers did not help. I couldn't walk upright without extreme pain and I was in a really bad state. Andrew is a knowledgeable, caring and patient Physiotherapist. I am so grateful for his help. He provided ?Manipulations and Acupuncture twice a week, which got me going in the right direction. The exercises that Andrew suggested were exactly what I needed to continue improving throughout the week. Now it's almost three months since I hurt myself. I am walking like a normal person, except that I am walking on air because of the relief from pain and delight to have an active life again.”

    - Debra Handler
  • Kathy Tyler

    “I have been coming to this clinic for a long time with treatment from Jon Clay. Initially I injured myself at a weight class which caused numerous problems with my lower back. Jon was always very professional, taught me exercises and encouraged me along the way as this has not always been easy. He also helped me immensely when I had neck problems. Now I am back to classes at the gym as well as walking regularly. I have chronic problems but Jon always helps me get through bumps in the road so I can live a normal life. Thanks Jon and SOS!”

    - Kathy Tyler
  • Michael Mohr

    “Whether aged induced or minor injuries caused by falls, Physiotherapy has been recommended by my Physician on numerous occasions over many years. The staff of SOS Physiotherapy always managed to provide appropriate solutions in a professional manner. I am currently undergoing care due to lower back issues caused by Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica. Jon has been excellent in providing relief.”

    - Michael Mohr
  • “During the past 30 years I have experienced chronic problems with my lower back. Years of sitting behind a desk and questionable choices in landscaping projects have caused periodic issues with my spine. Daily stretching and regular walking routines have helped to mitigate the pain but at various points in the past few years the problems increased and resulted in regular visits to my Physiotherapist. Weekly visits brought the pain level down drastically and allowed me to resume exercises and sports that I enjoyed. As my back improved the visits to the physiotherapists were reduced to monthly dates that allowed for a maintenance program. I was also given a range of stretches & exercise programs that could be performed at home. There were also instructions on how to improve daily functions such as how to sit and stand in order to diminish pressure of the affected areas.”

    - Doug Boughner
  • Ashley Cudney

    “I have been seeing Jon for a little over three years. When I first came to see Jon I had very limited mobility and range of motion in my back that affected my job and day to day activities. After coming to see Jon twice a week and then down to once a week, I now come once every two weeks. I have been able to resume work activities and daily activities. Jon is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to you when he is treating you. I have referred my Husband and my Mom to be treated by Jon as well.”

    - Ashley Cudney
  • “I have had a number of sports related injuries including a groin injury, an inflamed vertebrae in my neck, and tennis elbow. My experience at SOS has always been extremely positive. The staff are both professional and caring. They spend the time necessary to get you ready to either compete again or just live life. I have been able to compete in seniors tennis with their help. In 2014 and 2018 I would have not been able to compete in the canadian championship without their help. I finished 1st and 2nd respectively.”

    - John Tibbits
  • “ I first limped into this clinic in 2018, with what I learned was Right knee Baker’s Cyst. As an active senior, life as I knew it came to a sudden halt. Following some extensive Physiotherapy with Jon Clay, my life returned to as I knew it previously. I recently had an injury to my left knee BUT this time I knew where to go. I came in on hospital issued crutches and a zimmer brace and then walked out without either. Once again, following Physio, I am back to all my regular activities. Jonathon is a very good communicator and always helps me understand why certain exercises strengthen the muscles that become weak with age. Thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy my life.”

    - Olga Dendy
  • “ I have been coming regularly for treatments for my neck, back and feet for the past 6 years. Due to my work where I sit for prolonged periods of time, I experienced chronic neck, shoulder & back tension, muscle aches & restriction of movement and chronic inflammation in the joints. SOS Physiotherapy treatments made a marked difference in my range of motion and gave me much appreciated relief from pain. I received a combination of manual manipulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and IFC. I have seen a lot of improvements regarding my muscle tension and, thanks to the treatment I had received, I did not need to have sick days off work and my quality of life improved. My …..? I also would like to comment on the care, professionalisms and … that the SOS Physiotherapists provided, mainly Jonathan Clay. He provided excellent care... & referred me to Kim Rau & Associates for better Orthotics.”

    - Piroska Szabo
  • “I came in after an injury from cross country for my knee. I had trouble running long distances and playing soccer. I also had pain doing daily activities. Now I'm playing soccer multiple times a week and doing normal activities with no pain after many Physiotherapy appointments and doing my exercises.”

    - Annette Allen
  • John Scace

    “I was referred by my family physician to SOS Physiotherapy because I was experiencing pain in both shoulders from a condition called Supraspinatus Tendinosis. It was painful to raise my arm above my shoulders, they ached constantly & I had limited strength in my arms. I was rarely out of pain. It was difficult to find a position at night to be comfortable enough to sleep. I was extremely grateful to the team of Therapists (Jon Clay & Team) who took the time to get to know me and work with me, develop a treatment plan and a series of exercises that I can do between treatments to improve and strengthen my shoulders & reduce my pain significantly. The exercises have been a significant part of my recovery process and I have made excellent progress. I have my shoulders back. Thank you SOS, You are the BEST.”

    - John Scace
  • “I had back pain & leg pain, worse with standing at work. I have been doing my exercises daily, sometimes 2x/day and feeling better. I can stand at work better with less pain!”

    - Ruja Luncan
  • “Adam is a fine gentleman, who worked on my feet that were tender when I walked. I feel 100% now without treatments. It is a relief to know he will always be there for me as I age.”

    - Eda Chapman
  • Patricia Baron

    “I came to SOS on February 4th after a trip to the ER and being diagnosed with a severe case of Vertigo that was preventing me from walking. I couldn't do anything without help - wasn't able to walk - read - cook or even take a shower by myself. My world for two weeks was like being on a roller coaster the whole day, vomiting and feeling horrible. Adam took me in and explained to me the maneuver that he was going to try on me, he also discussed in detail how I was going to feel and what will happen the following days. After that appointment my life changed - the very following day I was able to walk by myself. Yeah!!!!! My horrible night vertigo episodes went away, I was able to sleep w/o the fear of Vertigo. My life changed. I am back to work and very thankful for SOS Physiotherapy and Adam, that helped me and walked me to the path of recovery! There are many words I can use - but I think “Thank you all” is what is coming from my heart :)”

    - Patricia Baron
  • “Reverse Shoulder Replacement - With Physiotherapy, I got function that I had not had for over a decade. Top notch Physiotherapy was the key. Dave Rocks!!”

    - Ted Goddard
  • Marlene Dunham

    “A few years ago, I suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. Both before + after this surgery, I was treated by Jon at SOS Physiotherapy, with amazing results. The usual rehab time for this surgery is six months. However, after TWO months, I was well on my way to attaining full strength + movement in this area.”

    - Marlene Dunham
  • Cathy Withers

    “I started attending SOS Physiotherapy following a severe bout of pain in both of my lower buttocks and severe pain in both of my hamstring muscles. My Physiotherapist Jon assessed me thoroughly and explained exactly what was wrong (It was coming from my back!). I have been to many health providers over the years and I never had a diagnosis and treatment plan like my Physiotherapist gave me. Jon was an amazing diagnostician. He explained everything clearly and the treatment he gave me brought me immediate relief. I still have a long way to go but each treatment relieved my pain a little bit more. I have been telling my family & friends about Physiotherapy all the time. When I started coming for treatment, I had great difficulty going up and down stairs. Now I have no problem.”

    - Cathy Withers
  • “For at least two years I was having trouble in my hip area. My doctor recommended increasing Chiropractic and Massage Therapy and still my pain continued. It would hurt a great deal getting up from a sitting position or walking up stairs. Finally my doctor gave a diagnostic of Trochanteric Bursitis and recommended Physiotherapy. That is when I found Jon at SOS Physiotherapy through a friend who had been treated here with success. After about 4 months of treatment and prescribed exercises (stretching) program I have gone from a high pain level of 10 down to 1. I am so pleased with the relief I feel and the ability to move without pain. I have learned a lot about how various exercises, standing + walking strengthen the core to keep my body healthy and have incorporated this learning as a daily morning practice. At SOS you learn to take your “therapy” home with you. I appreciate the caring, support, time spent at each appointment, with Jon and his sense of humor that fills the treatment room. Thank you for the relief!”

    - Linda Horn
  • “I sought out Physiotherapy to relieve chronic spine and joint pain. After my neck surgery (to repair issues in my spine that contributed to my back and leg pain) I continued with Physio and have noticed considerate improvement in motion and decreased pain in my hips and legs. My Physiotherapist Jon is very professional and mindful of my issues and treatment is customised for my specific needs on every visit.”

    - M.P
  • “4 years ago I had low back pain.. A coworker recommended SOS Physiotherapy and Jon. After meeting with Jon and telling him my story, he got right to work. He treated my problem and showed me strengthening exercises to work it. He started me on 3 appointments a week with various methods of treating, including Acupuncture. After a couple of months I was down to two visits a week and by the third month only one visit! Now it's like it never happened. I have recommended this clinic to others and they have had the same success as me. Thanks for everything!”

    - Paul Cloes
  • Judy fourney

    “Physiotherapy has always been a positive experience for me, as I have had it many times, for different issues. It is and has always been extremely helpful in getting me back to the activities I love, especially golfing. Without Physiotherapy at SOS, I am sure I would not have been playing at all last summer or fall because of the injury and the pain involved. Therefore, I would highly recommend SOS Physiotherapy to anyone dealing with pain from an injury, either new or old. Physio is an absolute must if you want to heal!”

    - Judy fourney

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