Our Team

Nimmy Thomas, B.Sc P.T., Pelvic Health and Pediatrics Physiotherapist

Nimmy was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in India.  She completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in Physiotherapy from Mahatma Gandhi University in India.  Nimmy began her vocation, treating patients at a neurological rehabilitation center.  She then worked at a multinational hospital, where her career encompassed various fields of Physiotherapy; including neurology, orthopedics, cardio-pulmonary, geriatrics and pediatrics. In 2006, Nimmy obtained her license to practice as a Physiotherapist in Canada.  Nimmy’s interest in pelvic health began while working with the geriatric population where she noticed that the majority of falls was a result of incontinence.  Shortly after, Nimmy undertook her post-graduate specialization in pelvic floor rehabilitation.  Since then, she has been committed to helping both the female and male population, of all ages, with bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.  Nimmy believes that rehabilitation is all about improving one's quality of life at any stage of their life.  Her interest in pelvic health includes, and is not limited to, incontinence, pain during sex, pelvic pain, prenatal and post-natal physiotherapy.

Nimmy's work as a licensed Physiotherapist is both fulfilling and rewarding to her.  She continues to expand her treatment tool box by updating herself on the latest research, and attends continuing education programs.Nimmy also enjoys reading books on fiction, cooking, travelling, hiking and spending time with her husband and their young daughter.

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