Kathleen White


Kathleen received her Masters in physiotherapy from Queen’s University in 2009. Previously, she completed a Bachelor in Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Science in Life Science at Queen’s University. Since graduation, she has continued her education with a focus in manual therapy, completing the orthopedic division level five exams. Kathleen has also taken courses focusing on sport specific rehabilitation, athletic taping, myofascial release and mobilizations, breathing education and retraining as well as completing her level 1 acupuncture.

Since graduating, Kathleen has worked in a private outpatient setting, treating a variety of athletes and age groups. She has had the opportunity to work with many endurance athletes including marathon runners and triathletes. She has a special interest in core stability training as well as rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction.

In her spare time, Kathleen likes to stay active with running, yoga, squash, soccer and kayaking. She recently completed her second half marathon with a personal goal of completing several more.